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Wool Traffic Simulation - Part 2

The last set of simulations (see Wool Traffic Simulation for more background information) only used existing measurements to generate the model.

The Department for Transport produces forecasts for the estimated number of vehicles over the next 25 years. This data is available from the following location:

The following table shows the Forecasts of road traffic in England and the increase from the estimated 2015 level.

Scenario 2015 2030 % Increase
Scenario 1 106 130 22.80%
Scenario 2 105 125 18.38%
Scenario 3 103 115 12.01%
Scenario 4 103 119 15.50%
Scenario 5 110 141 28.74%

More infomation on the different Scenarios can be found in the Road Traffic Forecasts 2015

Scenario 1

The following video shows the simulation at the first time the cross goes down (~8:15am) with the extra vehicles using the Department for Transport forecast statistics for Scenario 1.

The simulation above was created using flow data from:

Location Date
From Lulworth 2009/09/14
From Wareham 2007/04/24
From Dorchester 2008/07/11

The Video shows the queue goes beyond the Dorset Green roundabout.


  • Perform the simulation on Scenario 2 to 5
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