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SurePet Feeder

The SurePet Feeder uses a 802.15.4 based protocol called MiWi P2P. This is a protocol that is made by Microchip.


The following link shows someone who has captured some of the P2P frames and has mapped them to a spec:

From the following link, it appears that the beacon is transmitted on channel 15:

The best link so fare is:

Protocol Sniff

Ideally we would use the Zena sniffer, however I seem to of bricked it.

The Zena software allows for protocol decode of the MiWi P2P protocol.

So instead for now we are using a UZBee+.


After creating a simple sniffer tool, when the “setup” button on the SurePet device is pressed, the following packet is received:


The MAC address is printed on the bottom of the device, This matches the above packet.





6E2A02C0F9D5B370=Mac (reversed)

The P2P protocol is documented in the following document:

So the full payload decodes as:

  • 43C8=Frame Control
  • 32=Sequence Number
  • FFFF=Destination PAN ID
  • FFFF=Destination Address
  • Source PAN ID (0 bytes)
  • 6E2A02C0F9D5B370=Source Address
  • 072F=Payload
  • ECE8=Frame Check

And the Frame Control:


Test 1:


CC01 00 FFFF 70B3D5F9C0022A6E 70B3D5F9C0022AD4BE

  • CC01=Frame Control
  • 00=Sequence Number
  • FFFF=Destination PAN ID
  • 70B3D5F9C0022A6E=Destination Address
  • Source PAN ID (0 bytes)
  • 70B3D5F9C0022AD4=Source Address
  • 072F=Payload
  • ECE8=Frame Check
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