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PPP over Bluetooth to Nokia E61i From Mac OSX

It is possible to link a Nokia E61 to a Mac/Windows or Linux box using PPP over Bluetooth. There are lots of tutorials on the net, however I could not get any of them to work, So this is the procedure I used.

Required Stuff

  • GNUBOX s60v3

NOTE: I had problems accessing the main GnuBox site, but after a quick google I managed to find the file and did a self-sign using online signing system.

First: configure the Phone

  1. Under Tools > Settings > Connection on the phone, creating a new “Access Point”, entering the following settings:
    • Connection name: Bt
    • Data bearer: Data Call
    • Dial-up Number: 123
    • User name: abc
    • Prompt password: No
    • Password: Leave as the default
    • Authentication: Secure
    • Homepage: None
    • Data call type: Analogue
    • Max. data speed: Automatic
    • Advanced Settings:
      • IPv4:
      • Phone IP address: automatic
      • DNS Address: My local DNS server
      • Use login script: No
  2. Start GNUBOX
  3. Options > create records. NOTE: each time you edit the Bt Access Point profile, you will need to re-create records.
  4. Exit GnuBox. GnuBox needs to be restarted after creating records.
  5. Restart GNUBOX, the windows should now be almost full with lines of text.
  6. Make sure the peer Bluetooth Device is detectable
  7. 2box Bluetooth > Serial port
  8. The box should show the BlueTooth peer that you want to connect to, select it.
  9. For “Do you want to require encryption?” answer “No”

Second: configure the bluetooth PPP server

I am peering the Nokia E61i to a Mac OSX 10.4.11. I found that I could use the standard Bluetooth-PDA-Sync Bluetooth serial device.

The following command starts PPP in no-detach mode and debug enabled so you can see it working. It assigns the Nokia E61 the IP address and uses for its end.

 sudo /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync 57600 noauth nodetach debug local passive proxyarp asyncmap 0 
  1. In GnuBox, select Debug > Bring up IF

And the PPP link should now be running.


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